VLC Media Player 2017 New Latest Version Free Download

VLC Media Player 2017VLC Media Player 2017 New Latest Version:

VLC Media Player 2017 is an ultimate multimedia solution to all its users. Perhaps the one of its kind, it supports media files of any format whether audio or video. What’s best is that it is the most stable, flexible and lightweight media player and doesn’t require to depend on a codec to run files of unusual format.

This software comes with a basic user interface and is extremely simple to use. Furthermore, it also enables the user to preview the file they are downloading as it supports to play incomplete part of the files.  In addition, it also supports video channel streaming.

How Does It Work:

  • VLC Media Player 2017 offers a great hotkey support. This means that one can easily access some of the functions during a media playing without actually opening the app itself.
  • Also it supports file of any format whether it is an audio or video file. Supports format ranging from MPEG to FLV and RMBV and a whole lot more. It also has the ability to play HD and Blu-Ray. All this, and that too without downloading an additional support such as a codec file.
  • Supports many streaming protocols and TV capture cards.
  • This media player may not be as fancy as other media player in terms of suggesting songs or automatically creating a playlist, but comes with a greater flexibility in terms of file formats. However, you can change the appearance of the player by downloading skins from online.
  • Also the app features an equalizer and playlist creation.
  • Alongside this, you can also use VLC to convert your files and
  • VLC media player also lets you add subtitles to your videos. Just add the SRT files in the folder where the video is kept and it will automatically play with subtitles.
  • In addition the player comes with a comprehensive preference menu without overwhelming its users.
  • Extensive online documentation is also available.

What’s Best:

The icing on the cake is that this software is completely free and can be easily downloaded from its site. And perhaps one of the best multimedia application for Windows OS and Mac. This hassle-free, user friendly software has the ability to play just about anything!


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